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Edible Landscapes

Edible LandscapesEdible Landscapes

AC Platforms

Most contractors put your AC Handler on the gray plastic support, sitting directly on the dirt. In time the dirt settles and the unit won't be sitting level. This negatively impacts its performance, as dirt and grass clippings clog the sides. Additionally, it is better to make the platform larger or elevated if possible, so you have more space between lawn mowers and your unit, thus avoiding damage.

ac platform
Concrete Slab
ac platform
Concrete Slab Topped with Pea Gravel

AC Screens

Let's face it ~ who really wants to look at the AC unit? Why not have us build a lattice screen and consider planting a climbing vine like clematis to further soften the view. Plants always look better, but if space is limited, some times you have to use the space for something else, like a hose reel. Another benefit is that it softens the noise produced by the unit as well.

ac screen
AC Screen (1" lattice) with Access Door

Edible Landscapes

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