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Edible Landscapes

Edible LandscapesEdible Landscapes

Design Center

Don't really have any idea what to do with an area? Have us visit your site and present different design options ~ no obligation and no charge for a basic consultation. For a minimal fee (that is refundable against your contract), a detailed landscape plan can be drawn up. You will instantly see the difference between passion for what we do vs. someone else is "doing their job". From initial concepts & plant selection through the final installation, our professional team will excede your expectations … And of course, we like to spread the joy of edible accents: Figs and Blueberries are part of this landscape design.

Before design
After design
We help you envision what the changes might look like …

The kids have outgrown the play house, so it might be time to remove it and switch the area back to grass. But are you unsure of what a proposed change would actually look like? We provided a digitally created "after" picture to allow the homeowner to "see" it before we did it. Once given the go-ahead, one day it is there, and the next it is gone with hardly a trace …

Before: remove playset
In Progress …
In Progress: remove playset
After: remove playset and new grass
After: remove playset
Digitally created to visualize new grass

Edible Landscapes

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