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Edible Landscapes

Edible LandscapesEdible Landscapes

Edible Landscapes


attached greenhouse
Curved Eave Attached Glass Greenhouse

There are so many benefits of owning a greenhouse. You can grow your own starter plants and words can't describe how wonderful it is to be able to go out in the greenhouse in the middle of winter and pretend you are in Florida! We are distributors for several companies, so we can help just about anyone, with any budget.We can also handle the installation in many cases as well. This structure is made of twin walled, argon filled glass, for maximum beauty and heat retention.

We use this particular greenhouse as a cold frame, in which we grow salads year round, and winter over many tender perennials. This model takes advantage of solar heat gain with a maximum southern roof dimension. Additionally, beeswax filled vent openers allow ventilation without electricity. This type of structure costs much less than glass, and is actually more durable to falling tree branches, but it lacks the beauty and clarity of glass. Either route you choose, we can help you.

free standing greenhouse
Free Standing, Twin Walled Polycarbonate Greenhouse
starter plants
We insulated the north facing wall of this customer's greenhouse with mylar bubble wrap, to provide additional insulation, as well as reflect additional light to the plants. We installed a two tiered pressure treated wood bench, topped with heavy duty galvanized diamond mesh. This provides a maximum growing surface and years of functionality in a hot and humid greenhouse environment.
A rain water collection system was installed to gather water for the greenhouse. Remember to cover your water to help keep mosquitoes out. We angled the wood rack roof to collect additional water. This greenhouse also features an interior flagstone patio with a table and chair. 2" insulation sheets are dug into the ground 2' deep, to keep the interior soil warmer in the winter.

Edible Landscapes

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Edible Landscapes