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Edible Landscapes

Edible LandscapesEdible Landscapes

Edible Landscapes

Retaining Walls


Have an area that is pretty much unusable, unless you want to have a ski slope? We can terrace the area and add some planting beds or sections of deck to take advantage of all your yard could offer. No matter how small or large your area is, see what our creativity can do for you.

Before retaining wall
After retaining wall

This area was previously a mix of very aggressive perennials that kept growing out into the lawn ~ and while unstoppable perennials may have their place on hills and areas less prominent, this homeowner decided that a bed of blueberries underplanted with strawberries would be a better way to “grow” … Due to bad weather as the project was finishing up, we don't have the after photo … A trip back in the spring is definitely in order.

retaining wall retaining wall


A stone retaining wall or raised bed can really make a landscape stand out. Either secured with mortar, or dry stacked, they provide years of functionality and beauty around your home.

fieldstone retaining walls fieldstone retaining walls retaining wall retaining wall retaining wall

Edible Landscapes

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Edible Landscapes