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Edible Landscapes

Edible LandscapesEdible Landscapes

Water Features

fountain fountain

If you want the sound of running water, but don't want the expense and maintenance of a pond, a fountain is the way to go. In many cases, we have to add an external weather protected outlet for the install as well.

Very few things will relax you like the sound of running water ~ in this case, opening the bedroom windows on the deck allow the sound to enter the house as well.
pond and waterfall
pond and waterfall
If you want to hear the sound of a lot of running water, but don't want to waste electricity when you aren't there to enjoy it, here is a good approach. Two pumps are set in parallel, so with both running you have a greater water flow and more audible sound of the water. When you aren't outside, you turn one off, which reduces the water flow, and save electricity.
Adding ornamental plants like colorful perennials, Japanese Maple and Hinoki Cypress make a pond complete.
pond with maple & cypress

Edible Landscapes

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