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Edible Landscapes

Edible LandscapesEdible Landscapes

Mulching & Yard Cleanup

Staring at all the the dead leaves and perennials of the season gone by just seems to bring about a mood of “blah” … Have us clean up your entire yard ~ cut back all the perennials, prune your shrubs and trees, and give your beds a new top coat of mulch. Your plants will appreciate the attention, as much as you will enjoy the visual improvement.

Before cleanup
After cleanup

What if the Cleanup has been put off for a Few Years ?

No matter how long it has been since you gave your yard some attention, we will get things back under control. We can remove all the overgrown trees and shrubs, grind out the stumps, and replant with low maintenance shrubs and edible accents. In this particular case, blueberries and figs were added among traditional ornamental choices. Future plans for the side yard at this site include Asian pears, peaches and European pears.

Before landscaping
After landscaping

Spring or Fall ~
When is Better to do my Cleanup?

We suggest the cleanup be done in the Fall, so you don't have to stare at a messy yard all winter. But there is no real difference as far as the plants are concerned, so if you don't get to it until the Spring, there is no harm done.

fall cleanup

Edible Landscapes

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